ABOUT HOURS a digital love letter to time issue i - five forty
I watch you sleep as I wake up,
I get ready but fall back again,
I can’t remember, I can just imagine,
Stuck in limbo, the world of bifurcations,
5:40 am, let’s go.‍ ‍

5:40 am is a nebulous zone between two cycles in which boundaries between dream and reality are blurred. At the intersection of night and day, this empty time slot forms a grey area where flashback thoughts and troubled fantasies emerge.

ABOUT HOURS is a Berlin-based art project and magazine imaginatively exploring the concept of time. It focuses on one specific hour per issue and builds a different website for each edition.

For its first issue, ABOUT HOURS explores the time 5:40 am. Six artists contributed with exclusive works spanning illustration, creative writing, photography, and video.

A celebration of time through code, this issue brings all the works together into an imaginative digital object.

// launched Dec 2018

Contributors: Camila Ayala, Hélène Belaunde, Linhui Li, Gülce Maşrabacı, Eduardo Taborda
+ special thanks to Anne, Maureen, and Leonid
founder & development:
Audrey Kadjar

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